North Pennines Radio Group (M0NPG)


Based in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you can imaging with such an array of wonderful natural history and scenery there are many wonderful places to take part in our great hobby.

No matter what mode or band excites you, there is something for all Amateur Radio operators,

  • there are some great clubs
  • repeaters and gateways with phenominal coverage areas
  • remote hilltops with no man made noise, perfect for those HF Dx contacts and QSOs
  • SOTA summits
  • The North Pennines has something to offer for all, if only the view.


The concept of the GetOnAir Radio Club helps us to bring all of the above together both locally and on a global scale. We will be organising activities, meet ups and expeditions to "play radio" in this beautiful area, so look forward to being part of this great experience


  • Allstar - Node 54383

  • Echolink - Node 838341 (M0NPG-L)

  • DMR - Talk Group 2345 (CQ North DMR, DV Scotland Phoenix, FreeDMR & TGIF)

  • YSF - GB CQ-North (23450)

  • Peanut - YSF-CQN

  • CQ North SIP - 2345

  • Hamshack Hotline - 95117