International Radio Network


The International Radio Network is accessible to licenced and unlicenced radio operators around the world, using the amazing power of the internet coupled with traditional radio technology. We have various analogue and digital connections available to licenced ham operators, and our multimode system is connected to other Networks on a permanent or scheduled basis.

The IRN’s mission is to promote the amateur radio hobby to those interested in radio communication. We also provide a ‘non-RF’ platform, using Zello and Teamspeak, giving our unlicenced members opportunities to gain experience in radio communications, theory, technology, and fellowship. Many of our unlicenced members have learned about ham radio practice and operating etiquette, and gone on to get their own licence.

More information can be found at where you can see details of our history, our regular nets, and also register for free membership.

The IRN is very excited to support the Get On Air radio club and its ambitions to encourage licenced operators to get on air by promoting various modes and regular focussed activities. We believe the initiatives being developed by the GOA club will inspire people to experiment and communicate more, and we are glad to be part of this great club.


  • Allstar Nodes 552360 and 552361
  • Echolink KC1MUV-L
  • DMR
    • IRN DMR Master Server (FD_US_IRN): TG31320
    • Extended Freedom Network DMR (FD_GB_XFreedom_Net): TG31320
    • TGIF Network: TG31320
  • YSF - USIRN - 31320
  • Peanut - TGF31320
  • Hamshack Hotline 94136
  • Teamspeak 3 - KB1 MULTIMODE LINKS KC1MUV
  • Zello - ZMR 851.900 and KB1 Channel